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“It all begins with an idea.

And in our case the idea was being a walking billboard."

 Don’t be afraid to…”Say it with your chest!”

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About Us

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Just Little Old Me

This t-shirt adventure started with my nutty husband.  When we talk I was constantly thinking…”that would make a great t-shirt”.  And one day he said so make it one.  We bought the equipment and one thing led to another and "The Idea Magic" was born.   We aren’t big but we are dedicated to this venture.  Customer service is important to us so we don’t just create fun wearable graphics; we care about those who wear it.

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We have a lot of love and pride in our work. Our customer service is a part of that love and pride.  So please reach out to us with any questions, concerns or requests and we will do our very best to assist you.


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Want to know when we have something new?  Or if we are letting the old go cheap? Or maybe we want to include you in the latest coupon discount craze.

Sign up below and we will keep you in the know. 

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